It's all about wanting to have the most exciting night an audience can hope for.  Cameron Hughes, the wild dancing fan behind Cameron Cheers! is known for going to any extent to fire up a crowd and leave them weak from all the fun.  Proving that one-man really can make a spectacular difference, Cameron has toured the world with his crowd-inciting antics for years.  It has led him to the Olympics (where he cheered for all 31 hockey games at the Vancouver games), the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament for four straight years, plus teams of the major leagues, minor leagues and colleges internationally.  He is a sought-after guest on national TV shows who desire his infectious enthusiasm for their massive audience and as a super motivational speaker for corporations and schools. 

Words are incapable of describing the eruption of good cheer this man brings to any stadium, arena or conference center.  Watch the provided videos and see for yourself why you want this GAME CHANGER at your next event.


The Ultimate Sports Entertainer

You gotta see this...

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