Daniel Davis - Contemporary Violinist

A renowned musician, Daniel D. has been sought to celebrate many worthy occasions with dignitaries and icons.  The professional sports market uses his services for high-level and engaging halftime entertainment.  In 2015, Daniel performed during the NBA Championships and has been in demand from teams of different sports ever since.  He has amassed a growing international fan base and respect among his peers due to his skilled acumen and captivating performances. A Seasoned Entertainer at 27 years old. Daniel D. has been playing the violin since he was 12 years old. He graduated from the Charleston School of the Arts and immediately went on tour. He has produced five albums. His most recent single made it to the top 50 of the Indie Charts. At home he is an annual featured artist in the MOJA Festival and travels across the country performing solo, with his D.J., or with his band. Daniel D. has become a regular requested artist for corporate, private, festivals and sporting events.