QUICK CHANGE - by Alexander & Evgenia


It is said that “seeing is believing,” but Alexander and Evgenia take that “truism” to task. Simply described, this is an act that changes its entire wardrobe repeatedly in front of the audience, and does it in less than a blink of the eye. Over and over you are left asking “how did they do that?”

There is no other award-winning act in the world that has achieved their full combination of true-artist diversity. It’s a magical array of technology and ingenuity to razzle-dazzle their audiences with the WOW factor in a very fast paced, meticulously-executed display of stunning and spectacular costumes, perfectly timed contemporary dance choreographed to current music.

Quick Change is a famous classic artistry act that had its beginnings in 1800's Europe. Audiences continue to be amazed at this eye-betraying act that performs with unbelievable precision.  SRO is very proud to present the best of the best: Alexander and Evgenia.  They are wonderfully accomplished and their youth and attractive presentation makes them THE act that is in demand.

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